Social Life Tips for International Students in UK

International Students PhotoIf you are an international student who recently left the comfort of your home and moved to the UK to pursue higher education then chances are that you will have to adjust to the new social environment. Interacting with people at various levels is what our social life is all about. Your social life is likely to become an integral part of your stay if you recently moved to the UK as an international student. To make the most of available opportunities on offer, you must enhance your presentation and interpersonal relationships to introduce yourself in a positive way to your supervisor, classmates, professors and other university mates.

Your first opportunity to improve your knowledge on social life on UK university campus will arrive in the form of International Student Orientation Programme which is typically conducted by the Office of International Students. The sole objective of this event will be to help international students to introduce themselves through their academic background and future ambitions and to prepare them for intense social life on campus.

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Topic of discussion may include transportation and banking options, medical services, health and safety, telephonic services, and academic resources such as labs, mentors and library. You will also learn of upcoming activities such as day drips, things to day in your city and points of attraction during international student orientation. Below, I have indicated some useful tips for international students to develop deeper relationships and enhance their social life in the UK.

Be Yourself

Do not try to change your social values just because you find yourself in a new country. You will have to learn to be a representative of your home country. Cameron Diaz, an international student pursuing MBA in the UK, has the following advice for the prospective international students.

“I’ve made some great English friends on and off-campus, as well as friends from all over the world; they have taught me a lot. For example, last December, some American friends invited me out into the woods to help cut down their Christmas tree — I had never done anything like that before!”

Developing Deeper Relationships

You will have to regularly interact with the people to get to know them better. This is because the initial interaction is not enough to develop deeper relationships with classmates and professors. You might consider regularly meeting with them outside the campus/study hours. You must be the one to take initiative. If possible, exchange contact information with each new person you meet with. Follow up by inviting them over for dinner or coffee. However, there is a need to keep balance between being too pushy and taking the initiative. You do not want to turn off potential friends just because you tried too hard to be their friend.

Social Media Networking

More and more people are now interacting on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you do not have one already, create your profile on popular social media networks and become part of other people’s social life as well. Social media networks are a great way of reaching out to those who you have not heard from for a long time.

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