Top 10 Tips for fast Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is perhaps the most challenging task you will ever come across as a student. Many of you would wait until the very last minute before initiating research on your dissertation project. This article is aimed at those who wish to complete their dissertation fast due to their delayed start to the project. Please follow some simple instructions below to complete your dissertation in a timely manner and to avoid penalties.

Develop Gantt Chart/Time Schedule

You must decide when you are going to initiate work on your dissertation project. It will be helpful to create a Gantt chart so you can assign deadline to each chapter of the paper. Waiting until the very last minute will not help the cause. If possible, allow yourself at least two months for the writing part. The initial research as well as the data collection process are also time consuming tasks. So leave yourself at least one month for the data collection process.

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Deadlines should be absolute

Remember that the deadline has to be absolute. If you are unable to complete the task by the set deadline, it is unlikely that it will ever get done.

Setting Daily Targets

It should be noted that short term targets are as important as the long term ones. You must work on your to do list on a daily basis to identify the tasks that have to be completed as a matter of urgency. For example, you may decide to write 500 words every day, and soon they will add up to increase your productivity.

The key to Improved performance

The key to higher efficiency is to set realistic targets. If you target to write 2000 words each day, chances are then you will miss your targets on some days which will be very bad for your morale.

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You should be comfortable with your environment

Your productivity is directly related to your surrounding environment. It will entirely up to you to decide whether working from home or in the library will increase your work productivity. Most students prefer to work in a quiet place like library where you have constant access to the intern.

Stay away from social media networks

Many students waste their valuable time posting their status and commenting on social media networks. If possible, switch off your mobile phone and automatic notifications from social media networks so you can concentrate.

Avoid checking emails every 20 minutes 

Refrain from checking your emails after every 20 minutes. You should have done at least 2 hours of work before you start to check your emails. Check your email if absolutely necessary. Some emails are non-urgent and you can wait to reply to the sender.

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Look after yourself

Finally, eat healthy food and look after yourself as much as possible. After all, if you are not healthy and in good shape, you are not likely to get a lot done. Take some time out to socialize and make sure that you get enough sleep.

Do not keep sitting in front of your computer all day long

When you have completed your daily tasks, turn off the computer and engage yourself in some sort of social activity.

Try to create a binary stage

Make sure that you either work or don’t work. Being in some sort of half-way in between state is no use to anyone.


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