Why Most Writing Advice Does Not Work

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Have you ever wondered whether writing is an art or a craft? To many, writing can be considered as both the art and craft. You have to be really patient to become a good writer. It takes time, determination, lots of hard work, and experience to improve your writing skills. But why do most writing advices do not work for the writers? Experienced writers typically offer tips with those inexperienced eagerly hoping to slightly improve their writing and achieve a small but valuable upgrade. Are you interesting in enhancing your writing capabilities. Are you struggling to become better in writing? If that is the case then this article is aimed at you.

Not sure which writing tips should you should ignore and which ones should try? It can be extremely hard to keep up for beginners especially if new tips appear regularly. Some writers switch techniques and writing methods too frequently and this results in their valuable time being wasted. So finding a solution to your writing problems is the key to become a successful writer. Solution to writing problems can be developed only if you know what is expected to work for you and it lies somewhere between ignoring everything and trying everything.

The most predominant problem with writing tips is that they do not work (mostly). With so many writing tips coming your way, it can be overwhelming to identify and address your writing limitations. For example, you come across a new writing tip on a blog, and then decide to give it a go by adding it to your writing techniques and tools. But when it is time to actually implement it, you completely forget about it with so many other tips and techniques floating around in your head.

The Six Hats Technique

It will not be entirely irrational to benefit from the Six Thinking Hats approach introduced by Edward de Bono, who believed in six different types of thinking including creative, factual and emotional, representing them with six different colours.

  • It is vitally important to design the basis structure of your article or paper before initiating the writing work. Disregard elements that do not fit the overall purpose of your work. You can get your ideas across to other people more efficiently by using emotion laden power words. Use of such words can create a highly motivated state within the readers’ mind. Reinforce positive recommendations by making the best of use of your power of repetition. Let your readers know throughout your work about the prize they will earn at the end of the struggle. Do not forget to incorporate your assumptions about the existing knowledge of your readers but make sure to create a safety net for the audience that is less knowledgeable.
  • Determine whether you are creating a reference resource to be viewed when needed or a tutorial providing step by step instructions to be followed. It is critical to make sure your approach is consistent is throughout. Create building blocks to make sure that your concepts and ideas are clearly written and described. Try and talk about popular myths and target their beliefs if possible to engage them at all stages. An unsettled reader is likely to continue reading your article until the end. Try and develop new approaches to tackle similar challenges. Throw out old view points and meet your audience expectations by viewing the problems through their eyes.
  • Consider validating the desires and goals of your readers. Let them know that you are aware of their frustrations and fears. Offer your help and support as a potential contributing factors towards their success. Proofread your work over and again to improve the content.

Remember that your objective to become a better writer is not an armed battle. Simple make the best use of your abilities and skills. Identifying, understanding and then employing various writing techniques as a combo can work wonders for you. Trust me!!!.


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