Marketing and Social Media Networking

It is extremely important for business organizations to develop successful business relationships to achieve long term gains. For maintaining and keeping up the positive presence, it is essential for an organization to conduct marketing through social networking. In comparison to the traditional marketing techniques, marketing done via social networks is more efficient and cheaper. In this era of 21st century, organizations have to reach out to large number of customers to increase their profit levels. Furthermore, organizations are required to adopt creative methods to reach put to the masses. This particular need of “marketing the business” is fulfilled by employing social media tools like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snap etc.

The social media marketing campaigns have successfully substituted the traditional marketing techniques. It is through the above mentioned social media tools that companies are able to market their products and identify the demand of good and services. It is due to the social media networks that the users of social websites are able to explore different products along with their prices. Due to this instant and easy way of obtaining information, consumers can place their orders online (Palmer & Koenig-Lewis 2009).

The social media tools impact the growth of companies in a positive manner as it facilitates consumers in finding the reviews of products, and further helping them in the decision making process. Furthermore, online product ratings and reviews of product have enabled brand ambassadors to protect and market their brand image (Chen, Fay & Wang 2011).

Promotion of services and products by posting eye-catching advertisements has generated positive results for businesses throughout the world.  Moreover, companies are able to formulate their marketing strategies using the customer feedback they obtain on social media websites. Marketing activities performed through social media networks not only develop direct consumer-seller relationships but also increase consumer engagement which multiplies return on investment. Educating consumers about the products have allowed businesses to develop well informed customer-base, revolutionizing the product markets.

Another positive impact that social media marketing has created on business activities is that it has improved the process of target marketing since consumers of specified race, age, demographic, social status and culture are conveniently targeted by advertising department. It is imperative that companies continuously invest in social media marketing campaigns to attract potential customers (Kaplan & Haenlein 2010). Finally, it will not be wrong to say that marketing through social media tools has made the process of marketing bold, honest, cheap and more organized.


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