Challenges Students Face While Studying Abroad

International students writing problemsYou get the unconditional admission offer from your desired university and you are feeling excited about the new chapter in your life, but the transition from being a dependent student to an independent individual is not an easy one. Life can get extremely challenging when you move away from the comfort of your home to another country. New country means a new life and a new approach to solving day to day problems. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together and starting from the scratch, the first three to four months will pass in a blink of an eye.

After all, “Dreams are just……….dreams”. Welcome to the harsh world of reality. Deeds of the future are haunted by the perks of the past, and yet the change is in fact achievable. Change still needs time to occur. The moment you crossed borders, you recognize your responsibilities at an unknown place where you are a “nobody”. It takes courage, inspiration, and confidence to adopt change and adjust your life style accordingly. However, once you have a grip on that joy stick, things will be begin to ease. The purpose of this article is to highlight the challenges you can expect to face as overseas student and the ways of beating those challenges in order to make the most of opportunities presented by foreign land.

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Cultural differences are perhaps the most predominant challenge that international students can expect to face. They will come across people from different cultures, and consequently suffer a cultural shock. The food they used to love back in their home country will not be readily available. The behavior and dress of people in the streets will be entirely different to theirs. The beliefs, traditions and customs you held on to for so long will be have to be thrown out.

Nonetheless, it will be an interesting experience and you must learn to fight your emotions quickly to increase chances of success. You must not forget at any stage that you are no guest. You will be responsible for your actions. Becoming fluent in the native English language will prove to be another hurdle for you. You must be active socially or you will be ignored. If your parents are unable to pay for your living expenses then you must find part time work. Formal dinners in a foreign land will require you to follow strict dress and party codes. Turning down the requests, on the other hand, can hurt your friends.

The language barrier in a foreign country is intense, and the value of signing up for a language course must not be underestimated. Your academic responsibilities will be demanding. Splitting up your time between social and academic activities is easier said than done. Writing course works, dissertations, assignments, essays, and research reports in English language may prove to be an uphill challenge. Therefore, it is not surprising to see so many international students seeking help from UK based essay writing companies.

Writing agencies can help them to get their desired grades by editing and proofreading their work or by simply writing a model paper for them. Without sufficient support from their university, the international students are likely to end up getting poor grades. Add this to their emotional burden, they will be more prone to euphoria of huge change.

Be relentless, and try to learn things about the new city and its people like a curious tourist. Time heals all wounds, and the moment you are over with whining and crying, you will begin to feel the sense of belonging.



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