International Students Struggle with Writing, Turn to Essay Writing Companies

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Most international students in modern educational system are unable to develop taste for essay writing. There are many reasons why international students might turn to essay writing companies or proofreading agencies. Among them the lack of support from their universities is of paramount importance. Other reasons why international students might avoid writing include inability to concentrate on letters, struggle with organizing and using mechanics of writing, and inefficiency in expressing ideas. With limited support from their academic supervisors, many international students end up getting their writing work completed or proofread by essay companies and professional writers.

“Most students who ask me for a quotation are from outside the UK and English is their second language,” says Louise Harnby, who has been a professional proofreader since 2005. “Many of them simply don’t have the access to sufficient language-support services at their university.”

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With an increase in the number of international students enrolled at UK universities, the number of foreign students seeking essay writing help have also increased. However, is proofreading classed as cheating? Whilst “writing, proofreading, and editing services” help international students achieve their desired grade, they have received mixed response from the academic world. Many academicians argue that it cannot be classified as cheating because it only aims to help students with dyslexia and poor English writing abilities.

Harnby also argued: “I don’t think most students are trying to cheat – I think they’re trying to do the best they can with the language skills they have.”

Professional essay writing skills are developed over time, and even native English speakers can face issues because of so many sub elements that must be put together. Technology has played its part in increasing writing difficulties of students. Smart phones and technological advances in general has made the communication process faster and more effective, and therefore students are no longer able to develop fondness for the more refined and slower process of written communication.

Many a times, work submitted by international students is either too difficult to read and/or too brief to be awarded good grade. The poor writing abilities and skills of international students can single them out which makes them more prone to victimisation. After spending large sum of money on their tuition fee, the international students simply cannot afford to fail their coursework or dissertation. Furthermore, their failure can be a serious loss of incentives for them resulting in demoralisation and irresponsible attitude.

So if you feel that the process of writing is too annoying and slow, and that you are never able to write your paper to your exact requirements then it might not be a bad idea to consider getting help from a professional essay writing service.

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