How to Write a Proposal? 5 Creative Ways!

Dissertation writing is certainly one of the most challenging aspect of your academic career. Its importance can be recognized when you take your first job interview, and answer questions regarding the research you completed during the dissertation project. Moreover, your final degree result takes into the grade you achieved in the dissertation module. So it’s important to get it right.


Drafting a dissertation proposal or a research proposal is the very first step towards completing your dissertation module. This is the time when you plan your upcoming academic activities. Preparing a good proposal can actually work as “make or break catalyst” for your dissertation. Therefore it is very important that you put some effort into crafting a proposal that is realistic, influential and interesting.

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Apart from the university guidelines, there are certain aspects of proposal writing which must be considered for successful completion of this task. Here are 5 important ideas which can help you with the proposal writing;

1: Take the initiative. Start as soon as you can. Do some primary research to obtain as much information as possible. Make sure that you do not rush things, as understanding the concept of your work is very important.

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2: Define Objectives. Outline your aims and objectives. Be very clear on what you want to achieve. Convey your message; what is this research about?

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3: Analyze the background of your research topic. Define methodology which you will adopt to achieve your objectives. Method of research is an extremely important aspect of a dissertation. Questions such as; Are experimental results and analysis needed? Is there a need to develop your own case study?

4: Develop a strategy. Think out of the box. Don’t just look into your wish list, but make sure that you will be able to achieve the objectives you have set. Obtain primary and secondary data, and analyze what you can achieve from these resources. How will you complete this paper? Prepare a strategy that provides simple direction of this research, as you don’t want to complicate things with ideas that cannot be realistically completed.

5: Presentation. Make sure that the proposal is brief, and in accordance with your university requirements.

It is always better to have a look at how a proposal looks like? You can download a sample of research proposal from this very good resource:


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