Want to Learn English for Free ? Here are top 10 Sources for You

Do you want to become fluent in English without having to spend a lot of money and taking unwanted structured private lessons? Do you feel uncomfortable around native English speakers, who have a lot to say while you are unable to socialize at their level? If yes, then move on and gain help from online language learning programs, For FREE! Top 20 Words in English Language

How to

English is a global language.
Most of us work/study in an environment where speaking as well writing in English is necessary. If one feels incompetent in this skill, they can lack behind in their career and lose confidence in their ability to work and socialize in their environment.

Everyone knows that learning any language can be extremely daunting. Not only it requires time and effort, but money too. You may have to take classes, tests, courses etc to enhance your ability to communicate in English language. You may also have to spend years in order to learn how to write and develop complete understanding of the grammar.

What do you Think About Writers? Are writers God gifted Or Self Created

But is there an easier way to learn English, something that is interesting and would keep you going in a smart way? Well, yes there is..Ideas & Actions

Well, it’s actually quite easy to get started with the online education programs. All you need to know is “where to begin from”!

We have compiled a list of 10 outstanding websites and blogs which you can use to improve your English language skills. Try them online now and get started…

1: My Language Exchange

One of the most real-world methods of practicing is actually using the language in your daily life. This is the forum where the learners meet the native speakers. You can have conversations via e-mail, voice chat or chat. The registration process is quick and easy.

2: BBC English Language Blog

Read the stories about various English language learners, how they feel, what they do, and how they are improving their skills.

3: English   Grammar Org

It is a useful website for both beginners and advanced-learners. It provides detailed information on English grammar, such as Punctuation, Conjunctions, Adjectives, and Verbs etc.

4: Learn English by British Council

The British Council’s “Learn English” website is used across the globe. It helps you in learning English grammar, and practice it in a modern way.

5: Using English

Practice English grammar, with many printable lessons on a variety of topics.

6: English Club

Use English Club for English quizzes.

7: Grammarly Handbook

It is a very helpful resource to learn the rules of grammar, with examples.

8: English Grammar Secrets

Learn theories on any topic and practice with exercises.

9: English Town

This is another excellent e-learning resource for learners of English language.

10: Google

Do some own research on Google and find a website that best suits your needs!

Suggest the e-learning program that you found to be the most helpful.

Share your experiences with us.


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