Top 20 Words in English Language

english-wordsWriting in English language can be a challenging task, especially if it is not your native language. While we try to improve our language skills in terms of writing, speaking and listening, learning about some of the most beautiful words in English is worth our time.

Think about it; what are the most beautiful words in English that you have come across? Just thinking about the beauty of the words is a pleasure on its own. Different people from different backgrounds will come up with the answers of their own.

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The British Council surveyed more than 40,000 people speakers in 102 non-English countries, and the results showed that the word “Mother” is the most delightful word in English language. It represents the deepest human relationship and conveys comfort in the living. It brings happiness when you listen to it, and shows respect while you speak. Mother in its own is a classic term which in many ways relate to the birth or origin of the humanity itself.

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The other most popular words included in the list are liberty, peace, renaissance, destiny, tranquility, and smile. These are all positive words which show image of home and hearth. But then we have to consider the study of sound and phonology to develop consensus on the most pleasing words, for which we will have to ignore the public opinion and word’s meaning.  According to many famous writers including C.S Lewis, words such as “Celler Door” and “Phnoasthetics” tops this list.

While one might consider these words as glamorous and fashionable without understanding their meaning, it is not possible to separate their sounds entirely from their meaning. The words which showcase positive connotations will always be in the top list of many of the admirers of English language.

The following is my list of Top 20 words which instil positive feelings and are mostly used in the English literature;

  1. Influential
  2. Tranquillity
  3. Liberty
  4. Passion
  5. Accomplishment
  6. Admire
  7. Angelic
  8. Creative
  9. Effervescent
  10. Exquisite
  11. Jovial
  12. Meritorious.
  13. Novel
  14. Phenomenal
  15. Success
  16. Thrive
  17. Vivacious
  18. Yes
  19. Believe
  20. Beautiful

The list can be prolonged to include many more beautiful words; but selection of the words is usually based upon the author’s personal experience and preferences. Words express feelings, and therefore it is worth spending time on choosing the most appropriate words that best serve the purpose.

I would be happy to see readers’ thoughts on my selection of top 20 words from English Language. Please share your thoughts and suggest anything to improve my future posts. Thanks


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