Writers, God gifted? Or self Created? What You Believe

writers_roomHow do you become a good writer? Do you have to be born with a genius to be a good writer? Or do you need to have the right mind set? Or may be chromosomal heritage is a necessity to be a good writer?

 If the answer to these questions is yes, then definitely only the naturally gifted writers are going to succeed in this profession.  But then what about the rest of us? We are as stuck as 5 feet tall NBA players missing out on their dreams because the nature hasn’t been too kind to us, not allowing us to follow our dreams…?

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Well, What if it is not true? What if the dream of becoming a good writer, at any level, is something within our reach and can be fulfilled without the dependency on genetic heritage? Does it worth the effort; little hard work in trying to achieve what you believe “YOU CAN”?

The answer to all these questions is “YES! YOU CAN”.  How? You write! You read/study, and you re-write, with consistency.

WritingLearning how to write requires constant effort. The most important thing you will have to do is to take the initiative. Start studying literature/articles/books in the field of your interest and try writing a piece in the same field. In your first attempt, you may fail. Try again and you fail better. Keeping trying and you will realize that you are only getting better!

All the aspects of the art of writing can be learned. Any one from any background can learn this beautiful art with little hard work. So breathe easy, even if you feel that you weren’t born with essentials of a writer. You have what it takes to be a great writer, as long as you feel passionate about it.

There are some important aspects which must be considered while you are on the verge of learning to become a writer. Write as it feels, and not as it looks. Try to be creative, passionate, informative, interesting and above all, be yourself. Creativity in writing will come with experience, so if you are dedicated to put long hours of work, you will succeed in doing some awesome work.

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So if lack of natural talent is something you have feared most when considering becoming a writer, then it is time to put your fears aside and move forward. With little hard work and passion, you can achieve great things.  How good would it feel to become a self established writer who wasn’t born with back-load of talent? Feel it, work on it…

After all, nature helps those who help themselves!

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