25 Problem Words and Phrases

Grammar Mistakes

There are many trios and pairs of phrases and words that confuse us as we practice to consider verbal communication. These guidelines are prepared to help the readers to improve their formal writing skills.

To emend is to make a correction; to amend is to make a change. [Click to Tweet]

2.Altogether/ All Together
Altogether is an adverb and means completely or “all in all”; all together means everything or everyone together.

Wreck means debris or rubble; to wreak is to “bring about” or cause or inflict.[Click to Tweet]

Oral means spoken communication whereas Verbal means both spoken and written communication Continue reading


9 Worst Dissertation Writing Mistakes

writing mistakesWriting an A plus dissertation is not as easy as you may think. But what exactly is a good dissertation? There are several factors that may influence students’ ability to achieve good grades in their dissertation coursework. Some students have the tendency of setting up their minds to produce the worst dissertation ever. It should be noted that high quality dissertations are rarely seen as compared to bad quality dissertations that are produced in high numbers. The purpose of this post is to identify the worst mistakes made by students when writing a dissertation. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire UK Based Writers

studentsAs a college or university student, you can only do so much yourself. Furthermore, there is no denying the fact that you will improve your research, problem solving and writing skills. However, as the work load increases you may need to find UK based writers who can help you to complete demanding academic tasks such as assignments, coursework, research papers and dissertations. The purpose of this post is to identify the benefits of hiring UK based writers or agency. Continue reading

Do You Make These Common Writing Mistakes?

writing mistakes

How many times have you made those nasty writing errors that damage your credibility and reputation? A recent survey in the United Kingdom revealed that interrelated skills of reasoning and writing are the pillars for success in higher education. The survey also showed that writing is one of the skills most students often lack. Your grades can improve dramatically only if you are faithful to what you think by expressing yourself precisely and clearly. Continue reading

How to Write a Quality Dissertation

Dissertation writing is perhaps the most challenging part in your academic career. A dissertation or thesis culminates thousands of hours of training, research skills, and writing expertise. The most influential impact of the dissertation is that it represents your academic career even for years after graduation. Continue reading